Host One - Dedicated Servers in Brazil

Why Host One

Originally founded in Brazil, Host One is also registered as an American company in the state of Delaware.

Our mission

Provide to our clients the access to top-notch technology to their companies, so that they can create side-to-side with you

We work so that you and your company don’t need to worry about the maintenance and management of your Application Servers, Databases or even you Website Hosting; no matter if it is a dedicated server, virtual data Center, cloud computing or a shared hosting plan, we take care of it with technical competence and transparency – All with the purpose of letting you focus entirely on your business ventures: sell you products and services and answer to your clients in the best possible way, saving time and headaches.

Our mission: Provide to our clients the access to top-notch technology to their companies, so that they can create side-to-side with you. Providing structure and tools that enable professional and profitable work by renting Virtual Data Center and Cloud Computing infra-structures, reselling hosting and dedicated servers.

A brief history about Host One: We work on website hosting since 2001, having large experience on managing hosting servers. We join our experience to a modern dataCenter physical structure to ensure quality and safety when offering IT services on the internet, either as hosting site, Cloud Computing or Dedicated Server. Our goal is to maintain the best support and quality on our services, being always concerned with the preservation, integrity and confidentiality of your data and clients. We are pioneers on hosting resale in Brazil, through Host Revenda Lda. In 2017 we complete our 16th birthday, and so, we defined our new brand: HOST ONE, that focuses our strategy of innovative technologies like Virtual Data Center. Having a complete knowledge Cpanel/WHM, we got the recognition of the WWW magazine (Editora Europa), in November 2002, when we started our successful journey on this hosting resale market. Host One is an independent ISP, having our own ASN, what ensure us more quality on the interconnection between different operators. Other distinctive element of our company, conquered in 2010, is the interconnection with IX.BR SP, Nic.BR project, that enhances a lot the connection quality between our servers and users whose operate also connects to IX.BR SP.

Besides offering an excellent Cloud Computing structure, we’ve launched in February 2016, our brand new Virtual Data Center structure, that can be used either by who needs a cloud server or multiple ones. This structure has total redundancy of network and equipments, counting with Storages 100% SSD. In 2015, we’ve day viewed our second Data Center structure, aiming to offer replication and services to clients who need to have 100% uptime, allowing so, to host your applications in two different dataCenters.

Virtual Data Center with Apache Cloud Stack: Host One is one of the pioneer companies to use the Apache Cloud Stack System as orchestrator of Virtual Data Center structure. There, it is possible to manage central and completely an entire data Center, a Private Cloud with all resources virtualized: servers, network storages

Host One Internacional is opened on January of 2017 on USA, Delaware State. This new USA Company goes to provide Brazilian Data Centers services to Worldwide.